Thursday, 18 February 2010

Counting the abstracts, the tenuous link with the real world

Here are some of Ed and Vern's favourite words:

standards, challenge, improvements, aspirations, consultation, values, principles, ethos, academy, proposals, recommendations, attainment, barriers to achievement, significant cause for concern, dedicated support, underpinning, ambitious programme, secure, ensure, transform, benchmark, biggest proportionate reduction, access the causes of the problem, investigation, remedying problems, national Challenge Trust, hard federation, implementation of that solution, monitoring, trigger intervention, additional drive, expectations, equivalent action, vulnerable schools, closed and amalgamated, ambitious goal, committed strategic leadership, sponsorship arrangements, firm statemnents of intent, structural solutions,

Here are some of mine:

Rehana, Sofia, Kirsty, Noreen, Kinberley, Keeley, Paddy, Morgan, Jenner, Wells, Clive, Henry, Danielle, Sandra, Diana, Kaye, Emily, Faizal, Fenton, Sonia, Joe, Lejah, Memuna, Yasmin, Jasmine, Haleema, Maryam, Georgia, Georgina, Mobina, Isaak, Jade, Princess, Becky, Rebecca, Beverley, Jacob, Zenaam, Adele, Connor, Jordan, Ryan, Matthew, Amy, Helen, Yi Bai, Varshika, Rachel, Jessica, Charmer, Nadine, Ali, Naquibullah, Charity, Lauren, Collette, Scott, Dareen, Sarah, Victoria, Felicity, Sheila, Gemma, Maria, Kristina, Chelsea, Naomi, Ayesha, Imrana, Nyla, Nadia, Dominic, Wesley, Krish, Azal, Natasha, Mehmoud, Mohsin, [not all their real names]

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