Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Who Cares?

Who cares?

Not Education Leeds. That's for sure. Their presentation at Parklands High School on Tuesday evening was a sloppy as it ever has been. In fact, at a couple of points during the evening, one of the Ed Lds speakers completely agreed with the audience, all of whom, unsurprisingly, were unsupportive of the proposal to close the school. At one point this spokesperson also decided that it was acceptable to discuss his own children's choice of schools [in Sheffield?]. Who cares?

The point, and also the problem, is that the government [in the form of Ed and Vernie] can and will withhold money for various schools if the council doesn't play ball. Simples, as the Meerkats would say, don't play ball. It's bribery, and it's blackmail. And somebody needs to stand up for our families, and our children.

Apparently, if this sickening proposal goes ahead, Leeds Council/Education Service is obliged to pay for any families who insist on single-sex education, to send their daughters to schools out of this authority - to Wakefield, maybe, or to Bradford. In their chilling insistence that the inner-city children of Leeds should have their education taken out of local authority control, the government, using their local oh so eager [I'll do anything - give me a gong] acolytes, are prepared to pay transport costs to ensure that lonely vulnerable girls leave everyone they know behind, on a daily basis to go to school in a different town. O. . M. . G. . !

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