Sunday, 7 March 2010

a costly exercise

In a reply to my Guardian online guest blog, Wasateacher talked about cost. Well. yes indeed. I don't know what the top brass at Ed Lds earn, but I imagine rather more than me or you. They get paid by the taxpayer [this includes me and you] to persecute small people, and we, we are paid nothing for all the time we spend opposing the persecution. And OMG, I read in the paper this week, that four senior managers from Leeds Children's Services received £35.000 between them in severance payments. And that director of Children's Services final pay was probably between £122.133 and £146,237. Whoa, that's loads more than you and me.

Is it in the nature of those who go into private business to appear purposeful and decisive, whereas those who into teaching and other caring services, are more interested into nurturing and listening, and more likely to consider all the evidence and not take anything for granted?

And this I would suggest would make for an unequal struggle until the nurturers realise that they must stand and fight fot the right to nurture. And fighting would normally be contrary to their nature. Myself, a natural nurturer, have become a nurturer-fighter which is, I guess, what the member of a union is. And this, of course is why it's so hard to fight, it's not what you went into education for.

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