Thursday, 14 October 2010

Anti-Academies Meeting at Metropole Friday 15th October

Sometimes you want to despair. You know it's wrong, but for Heaven's sake, this is western civilisation 21st century. It can't be happening!

Well, it's called academisation, and it is happening. The forces of private profit are locked in battle with the forces of truth, democracy and educational knowledge. And it is no different and no better than some petty criminals breaking into your house and nicking the tele and the computer.

As is my wont, I am in the archives, rereading a YEP newspaper article from 19 July 2008. Brace yourselves for the spin:

In a national ground-breaking move, South Leeds High would be closed and an academy, sponsored by the Schools Partnership Trust - which includes Garforth Community College - would open in its place in September 2009.

Please don't kid yourselves, my gullible reading public. Ground-breaking! I don't think so. The article goes on

The controversial move is an attempt to jump-start exam test scores at the Beeston school, formed just four years ago from the merger of the city's most troubled schools .. Merlyn Rees High and Matthew Murray ..

Ah, a rare bit of honesty. They want to jump start test exam scores, and , do you I thought that schools should be for children. Obviously I am wrong; they are for exam grades.

This blog is just a taster. On Friday 15 October at 6.30, there is a meeting at the Metropole Hotel in Leeds to explore academies further. If you think that your school is about to bark up this tree, and you are not sure: good or bad thing, come along. Admission is free.

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