Friday, 10 December 2010

And it's Ironic, don't you think

I must say I was amused last week, when I was checking which of my schools might be closed, on the Council/Education Leeds website to find that the David Young Academy was included in the list. Is this the academy that doesn't contribute financially to any central service?

Fair enough you might say. It's public information. I was listening to Radio Leeds just to check; I missed the first bit; I went to the Radio Leeds website; they refered me to the Education Leeds website; and somewhere between City of Leeds and Ebor Gardens, alphabetically I found David Young Academy. And do you know it didn't want just to tell the website-reading, snowed in public that it was closed for snow at some point. It took the opportunity to mentioned that it would be open later in the week for some fair-banding exercise/test.

I think that's like someone who doesn't pay their taxes expecting a street lamp to be lighting up their street.

And fair-banding. This is an inappropriately-named exercise designed to make sure that a school in an inner-city area doesn't get the local proportion of disadvantaged children on its premises and on its books. So David Young Academy was using a publicly-funded website to let a town know that it is about to decide which local children it is going to exclude from its premises. Yo!

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