Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I wasn't surprised the TES front page said teachers have no confidence in Gove

The title of the TES article earlier this summer was alarming enough! Front page. Teachers have no confidence in Gove. Well, Michael, Small Bear, you have a shock coming. The schools of this land have been populated with dedicated teachers, who have appreciated being appreciated. Until . .

But Michael, you treat them like the opposition; this is foolish. They are becoming the opposition. And after fighting you and failing to make you understand, they will then leave you. And then you will have no teachers: ie no workforce. By the very fact that teachers are post-graduates puts them into the top whatever % of the UK academic population. And, are these the people you are trying to alienate: the intelligentsia with a conscience? It doesn't seem a very intelligent move.

But Michael, bless you, you went to Oxford, so you probably haven't really met any real people. My foster daughter went to Oxford, so I know it's possible to survive this experience, but, on balance, I wouldn't reccommend it to anyone planning anything more than a dinner party. A political party? No don't do that. Organise a whole country's education system? Michael: Small Bear, don't do it. You're out of your depth. There's thousands of us out there with post-graduate teaching qualifications. Your average voter might be taken in, but Michael, wouldn't you be more effective and more useful if you took note of the people who know stuff: ie those of us who dedicated our whole lives to the education system. The thing is it's not well paid enough to see it as a big career; people tend to do into teaching for vocational reasons. You need to know that we're in it for the right reasons.

It's hard to figure out what got you into education, o unthinkable Gove, but I think you should move out, before you do any more damage.

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