Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Privatising Education - a few random thoughts

Unknown to the great British public, Michael Gove is abusing his position as UK Education Secretary in order to break up the public education system of this country. He is giving away our schools and their land to any old businesses. This is both immoral and stupid, and on several counts:

1. Private business is not trained in education. Throw as much money as you like at a school, if you don't know what you are doing, then you are only doing damage.
2. Education should be about the needs of the individual child. Your child. Business interests will inevitably distract you from this aim.
3. If a school, now an academy makes a mistake, there is no-one nor any institution to turn to. You as a teacher, you, as a parent will be alone.

The Great British Public is walking into the abyss that Gove is creating for them. They trust the government and they trust its ministers. The trust is misplaced.

Educating our children for the interests of industry benefits neither our children nor industry. The children don't reach their true potential and industry gets half a person.

But, I wonder is it really Michael's fault? He doesn't really understand what he is doing. I blame the Camerons and the Cleggs of this world who condone his actions and allow to go on getting away with them.

Just a few random thoughts.

Here's a picture of Clippy contemplating a soft landing on the sandwiches. Clearly a cat of very little brain. Now, who does that remind me of?

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