Monday, 21 January 2013

The Oleaginous Little Twerp Strikes Again. Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge Station waiting for the 9.49 back to Leeds
The Department for Giving Away the Crown Jewels [aka Dept of Education]  is on the move again. And now they have Calder High School in their sights. They had a visit from that nice Mr Hewitt, decribed as in the title above and further as the central character from this description from my blog of 28 June 2012.

“I’m still reliving yesterday’s meeting with that oleaginous little twerp from the DfE. It’s given me a new insight as to what ‘taking the King’s shilling’ actually means; having the morals of a whore and the manners of a skunk. How an ex Head, especially of an inner city school, can so blithely promote this appalling academy policy leaves me totally confused and worried that I may run short of gratuitous insults" [primary school governor, Leeds]

Despite the snowy weather, there was a good turn-out for the meeting on Thursday 17 January 2013 in Hebden Bridge Town Hall,  Over a hundred crammed into the room and there was a unusually wide ranging debate on the dilemma they find themselves in.  And, as usual, the pressure is put hardest on the governors. 

We, who are or have been governors, briefly have power often beyond our experience and knowledge, and also, I think, deserts. The Oleagenous Twirps of this world have one main argument, and this usually is the one that disarms the vulnerable governors, the killer line being: if the school doesn't find its own private company to  deliver itself up to, then the Department of Giving Away Public Assetts will choose one for it. Usually at this point governors panic and start scrabbling for the least worst new owner.  And that's even after the oleaginous twirps admit that the Department has the last word on who the new owner may be. Governors may scrabble away - but I rather think the Twirps enjoy watching the death throes of the schools and the governing bodies that they kill. 

 I hope the Calder Valley gives the Department of Land Grabbing a good run for their money. 

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