Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Sad and Pointless Academisation of Hillcrest School

From the Yorkshire Evening Post March 5 2013

Hillcrest "branded inadequate by an education watchdog will be transformed into an academy to boost standards". The article acknowledges that the school has had 14 headteachers over 20 years. Now what does that prove? That noone wants to stay; that even superheads can't turn it around?

Or is it that terrible "control by the local authority", which takes away some of the school's money in order to pay the superheads and the pychologists?

Or possibly the school is not inadequate; headteachers shouldn't need to grovel and apologise, eg: "We recognise that we are not successful as we should be . . . . the governors are keen that the academy status will bring the stability of a long-serving hedteacher."

So is that the big idea! you won't get a long-serving head unless you give them the extra money that the cruel local authority syphons off for its own greedy self! Squandering its money on psychologists and Special Needs experts, superheads, governor services and so on.

Does anyone, does Mr Gove care about the psychological effect on staff, parents and children of constantly and publicly being told that you are rubbish - when possibly you are just bog-standard, doing your best for the children in you care, some of whose life-styles are already affected by poverty, or unemployment, or racism, or struggling in a second or third language?

How has it come about that one inadequate, self-important Oxford graduate can cause so much misery? Gove must go; Ofsted must go; and Twigg must step up before there is nothing left in this once glorious  comprehensive education system to rescue!

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