Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ofsted. Asking the Wrong Questions.

I see that the Inquistion has found its way to have a go at Nottingham, to blast a whole town.  You have to conclude that if so many whole groups of dedicated, experienced and trained professionals aren't getting the right answers, then Ofsted is probably asking the wrong questions.

There is more to life than exam results and academic success. Parents are obliged to send their children to school, and the least they can expect is that the school will take care of all their needs - social, personal, academic, sporting, creative, whatever. Children should not be asked to jump through the same hoops. They have different needs and different abilities.
Ofsetd, whatever its original purpose, is now a thoroughly nasty instrument of the government, keeping us all of in a state of terror.

Especially in a world when a job is not guaranteed it is more important than ever that the personal and creative needs of every individual child is addressed. And high time that we all stood up to this government [as we should have to its predecessor], refused to set SATs, and refused entry, at the school gates, to Ofsted. 

We ask our cildren not to give in to bullies, so why do we?

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