Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Platitudinous One let loose on Any Questions

This is the letter that I wrote to Any Answers, but forgot to send:

Your panel appeared to know very little about the mechanics of education, and the disaster that academisation has brought. It is not a freedom for educational innovation. It is an open invitation for business and rich people to meddle in something that they have have no qualifications or professional knowledge of.

 And the act of giving life to a child does not make a parent an educational specialist.  Parents are partial, and they are biased, and what is good for one child may not! In fact is unlikely to  suit another. 

Nick Gibb talked at length about nothing at all. It was one platitude after another. He judged schools in abstract terms with these stupid Ofsted labels. But schools are full of children, individuals whose role in life seems only to be part of a number of students who achieve an arbitrary academic goal. 

Children are delicate vulnerable sentient beings who need a good listening to before anyone inputs anything. 

And London schools improved because of the London challenge. Inventing "academies" was, with help from crony, Adonis, Tony Blair's second crime. They have never, per se, improved anyone's life chances. They make some rich people even richer. 

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