Monday, 25 January 2010

City of Leeds School 2

The fight is hotting up.

City of Leeds School has now been threatened with closure or merger three or four times in the last decade. We think that it's not rocket science to note that a mix of students from relatively poorer families, some dysfunctional families, some ordinary families: either first, second or third generation Asian immigrant, or ex-Leeds Uni families, some children from local children's homes, some children excluded from the newly formed and highly contraversial academy, some children who arrived in Leeds from Europe or from Africa, and some from Africa via Europe, some foreign students struggling in English, some of them cheerfully trilingual, loads of children prefering City to their own local high school from all over Leeds - well you get the picture: it's a heady mix of students at different points in their lives, and their educational development.

Well, it's not rocket science to note that academic exam results will a, be variable and b, be irrelevant. So why judge the school by them?

It's an exciting, challenging and enjoyable place to work. So why does the government put so much pressure on Leeds Council to close it?

Every Child Matters! Hardly!

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