Sunday, 7 February 2010

Leafletting et al

This week we have been leafletting the ward with Adele's campaign addresses. This was far from the stressful occasion that I was expecting. Thanks to Mike's skills with small pieces of maps we had all our little sections cut up and marked up for us. It was an eye opener, seeing parts of the city that you live so close to and have not seen before. And the people that we met and talked to were universally symapthetic to the cause.

The hardest thing to answer is when people ask, why are they trying to close it? Well, you feel it can't be a satisfactory response to say - pressure from the government; yet we have the letters from Ed Balls and from Vernon Coaker, both saying that this school must close. But who would believe that two busy government ministers would take such a personal interest in the number of A-Cs in Maths and English that one small school in the north do and don't get?

But the situation is that, if less than half of the students in Year 11 started your school in Year 7, if some of those then didn't go to school in their home country, and, if some of them are operating in their second or third language, whatever are the League Tables measuring?

However, I wouldn't want anyone to think that this is some hard task, some uphill battle. Some of these trilingual pupils will put our home-growners to shame; then we are ready to support them with extras that they need to complete their education jigsaws.

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