Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Small Gove Bear Equally Small Brain Huge Joke

I heard a good joke recently.

Michael Gove has written to the various local authorities asking them to submit plans for vulnerable schools in their areas. Now are these vulnerable schools or vulnerable areas? Are these the hard-working unpretentious bog-standard comprehensive schools that are trying to look after the vulnerable children in their deprived communities?

And is a school not worth anything unless it's trying to compete with some other school to be top school?

The joke is that these vulnerable schools are mostly vulnerable to Mr Gove himself. These children have tough times, escaping dangerous parts of the world, have tough times just being poor. Now our Bear of Little Brain is after their place of sanctuary, the conduit through which they may escape, through exams and through care to a better world, full of jobs and money and self-esteem.

Time this bear past its time was put out to pasture.

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