Friday, 27 May 2011

Bye bye Guardian Leeds Thanks for helping us in the fight to save City of Leeds School

Well, it's very sad to see John Baron and his wonderful local Leeds Guardian go. He did wonderful work here for so many us in Leeds giving voice to all of us who campaign on local issues. He personally sat down at the computer and showed me how get this blog started. And after that with a few hiccups I became a digital convert.

My blogs, both this one and the NAME [National Association of Music Educators] one has got myself and my wonderful Silver Sparrows onto the World Service, into a full page spread in the Times Ed, giving us a national and even international voice to the campaign that was Stand Up for City.

City of Leeds School is a local, successful comprehensive school, up the hill from Woodhouse Moor on the one side and Meanwood Ridge on the other. And it is of course home to the Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows and Leeds Silver Doves, award-winning steel bands, whose next major gig is the festival of Britain at the Southbank centre, London.

The festival of course is just icing on the cake. The rest of the time this school gets on with rock solid education, passing one inspection after another including the latest Ofsted with the new framework. And City of Leeds School is all the more important to this city and our community now that Parklands and Primrose have been forced down the academy route.

Parents who don't want their children to leave the local education system can send their children to City of Leeds School, and can of course move them in any year. In-year transfers aren't normally reccommended, but schools converting to academies are making massive changes anyway.

Anyway, thank you John for showing me the way and giving space to all the Leeds campaigners. and for introducing me, at the how-can-we-replace-you meeting on Wednesday, to that wonderful phrase, but not so wonderful concept: digital disenfranchisement. I shall be campaigning next against libary closures if only to work that phrase in!

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