Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Teacher Bashing: A Very British Sport

There must a limit on how much Maths or Science a person needs to get through life. And is it necessary to memorise it all in detail, or would a once-only exploration suffice?
Michael Gove wants us, students and teachers, to learn more and to teach more, but he doesn't really care what It is as long as long you can test and measure and compare it to some other anything - school, county, country - whatever.
However he absolutely denies the training, expertise and experience of one of the most "educated" groups of people.
GCSEs, A levels, university, teacher training, CPD, secondments, learning from peers, and from the students themselves, then working in other industries, and having children ourselves, - all this helps teachers understand what makes their charges tick.
So I am having trouble understanding any ministers from the loathsome Blair, Adonis, Balls up to this latest monkey with a machine gun,. Why aren't they just proud of teachers and their commitment? Why do laypeople have such strong views on a profession they have not studied? Where did this mistrust come from?  Where's Spitting Image when you need it?

There is a limit on how many teachers you can alienate before there won't be enough to go round. 

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