Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Unnatural competition

1. Our education system should not be guided by international league tables. It should be guided by every single child's individual needs - personal, social, academic.

2. "Stretching" a child to get more than a "C"! Why. If a C is a child's natural grade, why put them through torture to obtain a document that tells any future employers something that is not quite accurate, something they can never again live up to? 

3. Thorough academic research [Terry Wrigley and co, for a start] from Manchester and Durham Universities has proved that academisation, per se, or even at all, does not improve schools. 

4. When league tables and Ofsted measure schools, they are measuring Poverty. When they condemn the teachers in the inner-city, they are actually condemning the effect of poverty and social deprivation on the children, and showing up their own total ignorance of the education system works and why teachers go nto this profession in the first place!

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